Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer Wasn't Perfect, and That's Okay.

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In Florida, Summer easily sticks around until the middle of October -- but in most parts of the country (and especially on the Internet), it's winding down. Bloggers and those on social media everywhere are showcasing the last of their super fun summer activities, creative crafts, and amazing vacation photos.

All summer we have been quietly living our lives here at the Hill house. We've gone to the beach, hung out at the pool, house-hunted (still no luck) and I was fatigued and sick with the nausea that accompanies the first trimester (in case y'all forgot, I'm pregnant lol).

Every season, I make a declaration that it's going to be the BEST ______(summer, Christmas, vacation, etc) EVER!! I set my expectations SO HIGH because I want everything to be just so perfect that my kids will carry the memories of their magical childhood throughout life (and so I will be remembered as an amazing, loving mother). It's a curse, really. The truth is, nothing is perfect. Sometimes we have an awesome time, sometimes we have a good time, sometimes we have a just-okay time, and sometimes it straight up sucks (like one trip we took to the beach this summer).

As I slowly release those unrealistic expectations of perfection -- I am realizing that it's okay to just be together. It's okay that my blog doesn't showcase an awesome new craft or activity or perfectly decorated room every day. It's okay that I haven't been on Instagram for the whole summer. It's okay to just live our lives peacefully and, dare I say, even predictably at times. I don't need to make every single moment of my child's lives pure magic -- because they are happy just being kids. They are happy that their mama and daddy love each other and love them and there is food in the fridge and days at the pool and dinners together and warm clean beds to sleep in. These unrealistic expectations of perfection are completely self-imposed. The guilt I sometimes feel at not meeting them only serves to steal the every day wonderful moments I risk missing while I'm waiting for (or stressing over) the picture perfect ones.

The kids aren't wringing their hands about the perfect summer or wondering how they will fill their days with amazing, perfectly constructed crafts or Pinterest-perfect recipes to prove their days were awesome. They're just happy to live, play, learn, create, and be.

And I could learn a lot from their example.